Sunday, January 13, 2013

Broken Crowns

I am SO excited!

My very first book, published for the world to read.  I never really realized just how vulnerable that makes me.  Suddenly, people can read AND CRITIQUE the fruits of my thoughts.  

Am I thrilled?  Certainly.  Am I nervous?  You betcha.

Am I a great writer?  Welllll... maybe not.  But I do hope that this story will bring entertainment value into people's lives.  I hope that, even though it's pure fiction, someone can open it and forget about reality and daily cares for an hour or two.  I hope that Jesus can work through the twists and foibles of my brain's workings to somehow speak through my book to someone who needs a diversion from their cares.

So.  If you or someone you know likes to read, may I humbly suggest passing this book on to them? 

I hope you enjoy working with Jeff and Jill as they plummet through hurdles and riddles towards what seems like certain death.  It kept me interested.  I hope it will you too. :)


BROKEN CROWNS, by Tamara Shoemaker, published by Route 11 Publications. It's fiction with a message, suspense, adventure, a dark past, and a dangerous future.

A seemingly harmless nursery rhyme turns deadly as riddles and a shadow from the past catapult Jill Lyons and Jeff Siegle toward dark circumstances and death.

This is Tamara's first book. The second in the series is underway.

Order your copy through the above link today.

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