Monday, November 5, 2012

Number Genius

My husband thinks I'm a little strange.  Apparently, I have no talent for anything number-wise, so math, geometry, algebra, all those... make absolutely no sense to me.  So, to compensate, I try to make "handles" for numbers so I can remember them better.

For example, a friend's address number (one of those crazy long ones): 10743.  If you start out with ten (because 10 just makes sense - everything goes to 10), then you subtract 3, you get 7.  If you subtract 3 more, you get 4, then subtract one more, you get 3.

So easy. 

(Tim groans as he reads this over my shoulder).

Recently, I was supposed to remember the number 4890 to remind Tim in case he forgot it.  (Small chance of that - my husband's a whiz at numbers).  Tim told me the number.  I thought for a minute, then said, "Okay, I've got it."  

"I'm afraid to ask.  But how are you remembering it?"

So I explained.  "90 is double 45.  45 is half of 90.  Add 3 to 45 because I have 3 kids, which gives you 48.  So 4890."

Tim asked, "How do you remember 90 in the first place?"

"Because 90 minutes is the length of most normal-paced movies."


And he thinks numbers aren't my strong point.  *Pfff* :)

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