Friday, July 25, 2014

An Open Cage


She struggles, like a great bird, trapped within Nature’s cage, and the waves that crest her bow threaten to whelm her feeble structure.

To whence would’st thou flee, oh sparrow? Thou who longs for the flight of eagles, to soar far above thy entanglements.

My heart yearns in sympathy, to travel with thee to new lands, and for fresh sensations to dazzle mine eyes. Oh, that I could quell the prison that binds me here, and rise on new swells of freedom.

Go on, then, Queen of the Seas. Shatter thy bonds; flee the tide that shackles thee to the shore. ‘Neath wave and tempest and spray, direct thy rudder ever eastward toward the sun and day and promise of new adventure; turn thy stern to the end of dreams and stench of bitter night.

For that is all I see. A cage, stretching long, long in front.

Sometimes, or maybe quite often, a feeling of restlessness stirs inside me. It eats at my bones and tickles an itch that throbs down deep, so deep I can't reach. And I feel guilty, because after all, I live a fulfilling life, a life filled with good things and good people, fine relationships and beautiful children. In so many ways, I have been blessed, and yet that bone-deep agitation pulses on the edges of consciousness.

There is no name, of which I am aware, for this itch. 

Perhaps it's just me, peering into the looking glass of what could be, if only I would get out of the way and let the Master finish his craft.

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  1. Let's be bathtub toy boats on the high seas of Him and His adventures.

    Listen to this:

    Restless Ones

    Restless soul, turning leaf
    Tomorrows unknown mysteries
    I'm leaving here, I end up where
    Into the unknown we fly
    We said there's no time to waste
    So hand in hand we run this race
    Let's end it well
    Escape them fires of hell
    Wander all out lives
    Till we're gone
    Pick up sticks and pack your bags let's go
    Where things grow, in the hills in summer time
    Under trees and over streams we walk and we talk
    All our days, into the night
    Into the unknown we fly

    And our hearts are beating
    And our feet they've got a long long way to go
    And our souls want to shine
    Can't you feel it from your head to your toes

    Touching down we're breaking through
    To a land that seems brand new to you and me
    And God makes three
    Lost and now we're found again
    This place playin' it's tricks on me
    Help me down from a strangers tree
    There's beauty here, but I miss it there
    Trace my path in wind and snow
    Thunderstruck I've got a place in mind
    All our time in the world, is gonna pass
    Grab your hand we've got some plans to know
    Open roads, we're together at long last
    Wander all our lives, till we're gone

    And our hearts are beating
    And our feet they've got a long long way to go
    And our souls want to shine
    Can't you feel it from your head to your toes

    And I thank the Lord, for everything He's done
    And I thank my Father, for sending us His son
    And I thank that Spirit, for helping us be one
    Helping us be one, out there on the run