Friday, September 27, 2013

Repetition Counts. Repetition Counts. Repetition Counts.



I had to vent.

I've just spent the last four days doing hardly anything but sending out query letters, and after that many times of proof-reading the stupid thing, I think it has to be the worst-written piece of... for lack of a better word (well, there ARE more descriptive words which I will forego here)... TRASH that I've ever seen.


At any rate, 45 queries are floating around out there in cyberspace. Three have already been rejected that I know of - I'm sure several more have landed in someone's cyber slush-pile.

Can you pray on pins and needles? 'Cause if you can, that's what I'm doing - praying that at least ONE out of those 45 people will be interested in representing my work.

Oh, and that they'll be a good match personality-wise, too. Author/Agent relationships can get pretty dicey if the personalities aren't compatible. Think e-harmony for the publication business.

Oh, and that if they DO ask for more of my work than just my query letter, which they will examine heartily for months, that they won't send it back after 6 months of sitting in their inbox and refuse it.

Oh, and that if they DO decide, phenomenon of all phenomenons, that they want to accept it, that they won't submit to six publishers, none of whom accept, then drop it altogether.

Sigh. I really need to stop stressing. And go do something besides look at my laptop. Is it normal for the words to be swimming around on the screen?

Okay, my eyes are crossing. I need to go to bed and dream sweetly of, "Dear Mr./Ms. So-and-so, They've existed in the world since the beginning of time. Born with the ability..."


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