Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beauty in Ashes

I've spent the last week or two in a state of depression that doesn't often visit me. Several issues had cropped up that were crowned by the bad news of two masses on my thyroid last week.  I've been struggling to maintain the joy that I know I should have as a daughter of the King. 

Today, I decided I needed a few reminders of my blessings. Below is a list of twenty things that make me happy - not just outwardly happy, but cut right to my heart and fill it up with the deep inner sense of well-being. Of course, there are far more than twenty, but these are the small things that I thought of first.

1.) The soundtrack to Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice.
2.) The smell of fresh cut grass.
3.) Cinnamon sprinkle freckles scattered across my oldest daughter's nose and cheeks.
4.) My husband's corny sense of humor.
5.) A piece of imaginative fiction well written.
6.) The hard-earned sweat after an intense workout.
7.) Playing Clare de Lune on the piano on a rainy day with the windows open.
8.) Sleepy little heads cuddled up against me as I read bedtime stories out loud.
9.) The sound of water rushing over a rocky streambed.
10.) Purple blue mountain ranges stretching forever away into the distance.
11.) The ache in my stomach after a good belly laugh.
12.) The scent of cinnamon.
13.) Coloring a picture with new crayons.
14.) Wood smoke on a cold day.
15.) The first night sleeping on a set of line-dried sheets. 
16.) The silence of a morning before anyone else is awake.
17.) My sleeping children, curled up in bed, so peaceful and still.
18.) The first lilac blossoms of spring.
19.) Hot chocolate and Jane Eyre at the same time.
20.) The softness of a new sweatshirt against my skin.

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