Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Jill Lyons' life turns upside down the day she walks into her office to find her boss sprawled across his desk with a bullet hole between his eyes. Jeff Siegle's past catches up to him the moment he finds out his children are kidnapped. A riddle and a shadow from the past pull them relentlessly towards death's door as they struggle to find answers... before it's too late.

Book Excerpt:

“Come on, Jeff.” He squared his shoulders. “You’ve learned magic. You’ve come a long way. Now use what you’ve got and get yourself out of this.” His anger burned against the man who had brought his family back to his mind. With a whispered hex, he put his anger to rest and waited expectantly for his justification to come. 

Instead of the expected result, pain hit is windpipe. What the - ? He clutched at his throat. The air he attempted to draw in was slow in coming. He gagged and choked. The air-flow stopped completely. He fell to his knees, his eyes dimly taking in the staring people around him. Blackness closed in …. 

4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Debut novel is a winner! January 25, 2013 -- by Brenda Risner.

“Clues left at seemingly unrelated crime scenes bring Jill and Jeff together as they try to solve the complex riddles they find. As their respective pasts haunt them, they begin to find peace in the midst of the dangerous game they've unwittingly joined.

Tamara Shoemaker's debut novel will have readers begging for more. This thriller has it all. Mystery, history, suspense, murder, mayhem, romance, witchcraft, and faith. Fast-paced and cleverly written, Broken Crowns is a real page-turner. Shoemaker is definitely an author to watch. Fantastic first novel! I can't wait for her second!”

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